Not your traditional CRO: Fair prices, transparent fees.

Like a traditional CRO, we can help manage and run your clinical studies in Australia from start-to-finish.

Our difference? Transparent charges, no monthly fees, and the flexibility to 'turn on and off' as required. Just pay by the hour, and only pay for what you use.

And oh, did we mention that most of our consultants have 10+ years industry experience , so you can be assured that every team member on your projects is highly experienced.

If you wish to hire freelancers to be embedded in your existing staffing team instead, discover our Staff Hire solution.

How are we different from the traditional CRO?

Transparent hourly rates. Simple pricing structure. Highly experienced staff.

Each consultant, hand-picked, to meet your project requirements

With our consultants' diverse experiences in various therapeutic areas, we can manage your clinical studies in Australia in the following areas of expertise:

  • Medical Writing

  • Feasibility

  • Site Start-Up

  • Project Management

  • Clinical Monitoring

  • Medical Monitoring

  • Site Audits

We work with our partner vendors to provide you with start-to-finish project delivery solution for services outside of the above areas.

contract research organisation CRO team hand picked for each study
contract research organisation CRO team hand picked for each study

There are many advantages to conducting clinical trials in Australia.

πŸ’° Significant cost reduction

πŸ’΅ Australian government's generous R&D Tax Incentive

πŸ’Š IND approval not required to initiate study

πŸ—ƒοΈ FDA and EMA accepts Australian data

πŸ“ˆ Rapid study start-up

🏒 World-class infrastructure and expertise

Discover the benefits of choosing Australia to run your next clinical trial here.

Benefits of Running Clinical Trials in Australia

benefits of running clinical trials in australia
benefits of running clinical trials in australia

Frequently Asked Questions about CRO Services.

What is the advantages of the hourly rate model?

Traditional fixed fees charge the same amount regardless of the work done. In contrast, an hourly charge model allows for cost savings when less time is required to complete a task, benefiting our clients.

Additionally, in case your project needs to be put on hold, there are no 'retainer' fees.

How can I determine the potential number of hours I'll be charged for each activity when billed hourly?

Estimated hours for each activity will be given to you in advance for budget planning. You'll be flagged when a set portion of budget hours (e.g., 80%) is reached. Additionally, a monthly report comparing actual and estimated hours will be shared for your visibility.

Why does Freelance Clinical operate on an hourly billing model when it is less profitable?

Our mission is to make clinical trials as cost-effective as we can. We believe in giving every product a fair chance in a clinical trial, so patients won't miss out on potential cures.

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