About Us.

At Freelance Clinical, we provide personalized vendor and freelance consultant search and engagement services worldwide especially in the field of clinical research.

Originally founded as a global provider of freelance clinical research professionals and consultants, our company has expanded to offer vendor sourcing services as well. This growth enables us to deliver a more comprehensive sourcing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients across various sectors, including Contract Research Organizations (CROs), pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and clinical sites.

About the founder.

In 2007, my journey into clinical research began unexpectedly. Seeking a role that would take me places, I eagerly embraced the opportunity as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Amidst the unexpected, I discovered a passion for the daily impact of my work in advancing new medicines for patients.

Over the years, I've navigated through various roles, from project management overseeing multi-country studies across APAC to line managing a team of CRAs in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2016, my wife and I embarked on a new chapter in Australia, where we now cherish life with our two wonderful girls.

My firsthand experience in clinical research underscores the pivotal role of resource allocation, including vendor sourcing. Whether it's a shortage or excess, the implications ripple through the execution of clinical trials, affecting quality and imposing significant costs on companies.

With nearly two decades of immersion in the field, I am driven by a mission to deliver tailored resourcing solutions, and with a keen focus on adept vendor sourcing and selection to meet clients' project needs.

Joseph Chee

Founder of Freelance Clinical
Founder of Freelance Clinical

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