Functional Service Provider (FSP).

"The FSP model removes the burden of employment and reduces day-to-day management needs, all while offering the benefits of strategic control and direct integration within your business functions."

The Functional Service Provider (FSP) model allows your company to fully outsource a whole function such as clinical monitoring, data management or study start-up across all studies and therapeutic areas.

The attraction of the FSP model lies in its adaptability, offering a tailored solution specific to you. It's a scalable model that enables you to retain functional control and efficiently allocate resources in line with fluctuating demands in real-time, all without the complexity of permanent headcount HR processes.

Our FSP model surpass mere staff insourcing due to its collaborative approach. We offer support across every stage of the process, including employee line management and regular review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established at the beginning of the partnership.

FSP Model
FSP Model

With FSP, you are provided with dedicated resource to utilise as you wish across therapeutic areas, studies and sites. When staff numbers need to be increased or decreased, our FSP model allows you to reduce resource simply and effectively without HR or contract burdens.

Why use FSP model.

Workforce scalability.

Our FSP model seamlessly integrate with your Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and other management systems, unlike the traditional CRO model which typically transfers data only at the end of the trial. This integration enables real-time collaborative data review throughout the trial. Additionally, we implement a comprehensive performance scorecard to monitor quality and productivity levels of our staff.

Seamless integration.

"The FSP model allows you to retain functional control, instill confidence in staff retention, lower costs, and provide greater flexibility."

Quality of staff.

By employing an FSP model, you retain the flexibility to select the staff working on your studies, unlike the fully outsourced studies where no choice is given to which resource are used for the studies.


We offer a dedicated pool of resources fully integrated to understand and implement your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and systems, while also understanding your company culture, vision, and values. You maintain responsibility for overall deliverables and exercise tighter control by directing staff on a daily basis.

Value added service.

Our collaboration with you extends to reviewing aspects as such recruitment, staff line management, training and resource allocation - allowing you to effectively focus on study management.

Benefits of using the FSP model
Benefits of using the FSP model

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