Permanent recruitment.

At the core of every successful business lies in its people.

Unlocking your organisation's potential hinges on hiring the right talent. Conversely, even the most skilled individuals can impede progress if they aren't the perfect fit.

To captivate the professionals who will drive your business forward, you must narrate your organisation's unique journey in a compelling manner. This is where partnering with a recruiter who comprehends your essence, market dynamics, and the caliber of professionals you seek becomes indispensable.

At Freelance Clinical, we delve deeper than mere job descriptions. We uncover your organisation's authentic narrative, leveraging our specialised industry insight, localised expertise, and global network to advocate for your story. Our mission is to seamlessly connect you with top-tier professionals poised to revolutionise your business.

closeup photography of woman smiling
closeup photography of woman smiling

Drawing from nearly two decades of immersive clinical research experience - our founder, Joseph, intimately understands your challenges. Our interview process for permanent and temporary recruitment mirrors having your own dedicated manager, ensuring a deep understanding of your needs and adept questioning of candidates. Trust us to meticulously screen and match candidates to your organisation, ensuring a seamless fit that exceeds your expectations.

Some of the reasons you’ll love us.

We understand your pain points.

At Freelance Clinical, we go beyond the surface of job descriptions. We're dedicated to uncovering the intangible qualities that make candidates perfect fits for your team and culture, both now and for the long haul. With our holistic approach, we seek out the extra dimensions and untapped potential that ensure lasting success and harmonious integration. Let us connect you with talents that not only meet your needs but enriches your organisation's future.

We see beyond the job description.

3 women sitting on chair
3 women sitting on chair

"Our interview process mirrors having your own dedicated manager, ensuring adept questioning of candidates"

Some of the roles we recruit.

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA) / Site Monitor

  • Clinical Project Managers (CPM) / Clinical Trial Managers (CTM)

  • Clinical Operations Manager

  • Clinical Team Manager

  • Clinical Lead

  • Lead CRA

  • Clinical Research Manager

  • CRA Line Manager

  • Site Start-Up Specialist (SSUS)

  • Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)

  • Project Specialist / Project Coordinator

  • Clinical Scientist

  • Medical Writer

Clinical Operations

  • Medical Monitor

  • Pharmacovigilance Manager

  • Pharmacovigilance Specialist


  • Oversight Monitors

  • QM Manager

  • QM Specialist

  • Auditor

  • QC Specialist



  • Clinical Data Manager

  • Biostatistician / Pharmacokineticist

  • Statistical Programmer


  • Regulatory Affairs Manager

  • Regulatory Affairs Associate

Site-Facing Roles

  • Study Coordinator / Clinical Trial Coordinator

  • Clinical Research Nurse / Clinical Trial Nurse

  • Clinical Data Coordinator

Step 1: Consultancy Stage

Email and let us know your hiring requirements. We will organise a call to understand your requirements and tailor a bespoke hiring solution.

Step 2: Resourcing Strategy

We’ll perform a combined search and referral to find the most suitable candidate matching your requirements.

Step 3: The Selection Process

Once candidates have been identified, a shortlist will be put together through an initial phone screening. Shortlisted candidates will be further evaluated through one-on-one video interviews.

Step 4: Presentation

Final shortlisted candidates will be presented to you, along with their CV and a comprehensive interview summary. We will help organise an interview between you and the candidate, if you would like one.

Step 5: Reference checks

Based on the candidate(s) you have selected, we will perform up to two reference checks.

How we do it.

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